Second Amendment

I stand on the same side of the gun issue as the U.S. Constitution and our Read More

Standing Up For Our Values

As a Christian and a conservative, I believe life begins at conception and Read More

Defending Our Police

The radical defund–the-police agenda being pushed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Read More

Defending America

As a U.S. Army officer who had the honor of serving my country abroad Read More

Protecting Our Future

We must rein in out-of-control spending, debt and tax hikes on working Read More

Supporting Our Veterans

We must do more to support our veterans in crisis and connect those who served Read More

Teaching American Excellence In Our Schools

Woke education is seeking to brainwash the next generation. We must oppose Read More

Election Integrity

I stand with Georgia’s legislature in support of SB 202 – an election bill Read More

Cancel Culture & Woke Operations

The All Star Game left Atlanta because Major League Baseball (MLB) put Read More

Protecting Our Border

To be a sovereign nation, we must have a defined and secure border Read More